Docker environment


A Docker-based installer and runtime for the Micro web framework, with full HTTP/2, HTTP/3 and HTTPS support.

Getting Started

  1. If not already done, install Docker Compose (v2.10+)
  2. Clone repository and remove default .git repository git clone App && rm -Rf App/.git
  3. To overwrite the main configuration file .env, simply create a new file that will depend on the APP_ENV environment variable .env.<$APP_ENV>
  4. Run make build to build fresh images
  5. Run make up (the logs will not be displayed in the current shell. Use make logs if you want to see the container’s log after it has started.)
  6. Open https://localhost in your favorite web browser and accept the auto-generated TLS certificate
  7. Run make down to stop the Docker containers.


  • Production, development and CI ready
  • Automatic HTTPS (in dev and in prod!)
  • HTTP/2, HTTP/3 and support
  • Built-in Mercure hub
  • Native XDebug integration


  1. Build options
  2. Deploying in production
  3. Debugging with Xdebug
  4. TLS Certificates
  5. Troubleshooting


Thanks to Kévin Dunglas for the good work that this environment is based on.